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Causing A Splash to Save the River Ver

Now that IS excessive water use! This incredible 10,000 litre bathtub will be in the town centre on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May 2021 during #SustFest21. It is all part of Affinity Water’s new movement SOS: Save Our Streams, calling on people in St Alban’s to waste less water to save our streams.

Affinity Water writes about their latest campaign to encourage local residents to #savewater and #SaveOurStreams #RiverVer

In October last year, Affinity Water ran pilot scheme ‘Save 10 a Day’ in St Albans and District to address the issue, which saw residents saving more than 700,000 litres of water a day. New movement SOS: Save Our Streams builds on this success and is asking us all once again to do all we can to save our beautiful local chalk streams.

Large bathtub with Save Our Streams written on the side.
The bathtub is 125 times larger than your average tub.

Coined ‘Britain’s Great Barrier Reef’, chalk streams like the River Ver boast clear water from underground springs, and are more endangered than both the Bengal tiger and black rhino. In St Alban’s we’re using 6% more water than the national average, putting these iconic natural gems at risk.

While you’re marvelling at a bathtub 125 times bigger than your average tub, make sure to speak to Affinity Water’s team. They’ll be able to support you to make simple changes at home to waste less water through the new website  

After answering a few questions about how you use water, provides you with your exact household water usage stats, a free water-saving kit and tailored advice. You can also view footage of Sandi Toksvig performing stand-up comedy live from the River Chess in an exclusive performance for the campaign.

If you take a selfie with the bath, don’t forget to tag @AffinityWater in in your pictures!

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