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Can you fix it with us?

The St Albans District Fixers team was established in 2022 to help the community fix their own products and teaching people the skills to repair their items themselves. As you can see on our Fixing pages, reusing and repairing items reduces carbon outputs (new things don’t need to be made, old things don’t need to be disposed of), saves items from waste and saves money too.

There’s plenty you can fix at home but sometimes we could do with a bit more guidance or confidence to get fixing.

We are always looking for more volunteers with simple fixing skills to help us work with more people at our regular repair fairs.

Could this be you?

Tangible environmental results with friendly people!

The Team have already made a significant contribution to helping the local community repair and reuse items that would otherwise have been discarded through monthly Fixing Events held around the District. At the Repair Fair at St John’s Church in Harpenden in October 2022, we fixed 17 items , preventing 45kg of waste. And that’s not all! We also identified a further 3 items to be recycled, and the fixing team advised on the best methods to conserve those materials too.

What does that mean? All that fixing prevented 362 kg of carbon emissions: that’s the same as watching 628 hours of television!

Listen and learn

We know the benefits of volunteering and we know the benefits of fixing: it’s a win:win for everyone! If you want to find out more, you can hear more from our team in our recent discussion with Hertfordshire radio station Mix92.6, available on this podcast now.

Let’s do more!

We try to run repair fairs most months at venues around the District. Our free allocated slots are always booked out far in advance. There is an urgent need for more repairing and for more skills to be shared in the community. However, we don’t have enough fixers to meet demand.

Join us!

If you have basic skills and want to join the fixing team, get in touch via our contact page. We are looking for people who are handy in:

  • electrics
  • electronics
  • bicycle maintenance
  • woodwork
  • textiles
  • or similar.

You can also keep up to date with the team through the project’s Facebook group at St Albans District Fixers.

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