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Sustainability Market – Meet the Stallholder

My Refill Life

There are so many great reasons for switching to shopping refillables rather than buying your products wrapped up in plastic but don’t take our word for it.  Let’s hear from Viviana Cruz Morrison of My Refill Life.  Viviana has been running her business single handedly since 2020 albeit with the firm support of her family.  She sells a wide range of plastic free and competitively priced products that range from £1.20 – £48.

I deliver and refill environmentally friendly home cleaning, self care and pantry products to your doorstep. My mission is to help the community reduce the consumption of single use plastics, make it easy to choose products that are gentle to the environment (and you) and reduce the number of trips customers make to the supermarket.  Each order booked online is carefully plotted to minimise the carbon footprint of delivery as much as possible.  I can also collect several packaging items for recycling schemes, such as crisp packets, pill blisters and other packaging that our local refuse services do not collect. 

I pride myself in offering a closed loop supply system which uses the return and reuse model – nothing goes into landfill so I can help drastically reduce the amount of rubbish our customers put in their bins.  

My favourite customers are those who ask lots of questions and are hungry to learn more about our plastic free journey.  I also love the customers who are super organised and leave everything out with little notes and make my job super enjoyable and easy. 

There is a great community spirit in the St Albans district. As a community we are all becoming more aware of our impact on the environment and taking steps to minimise it. The community is very collaborative and we are now working with The Refill Pantry to provide an even better service to our community. 

At our first market,  the Harpenden Mayor came to visit the stalls and take photos of the stallholders. I had my picture taken with the Mayor, which made it into a St Albans magazine. My children thought I was the most famous person in the world! A little proud moment for my children…and for me! 

My top eco tip is to think twice before recycling. Whilst recycling is great and prevents packaging entering landfill, so many items come in great containers which can be repurposed. Make use of them as much as you can before they hit the recycling bin! 

My Refill Life offer a click and collect service from the Harpenden Sustainability Market so make sure you get your orders in time for our next market on 19th March.

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