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Sustainability Market – Meet the Stallholder

The Weeping Chef

The Weeping Chef is the latest vegan food offering to be joining our Sustainability Market traders. We’re looking forward to welcoming them, otherwise known as Alec Tomasso, business owner and chef, with St Albans’ hairiest vegan, Keithybaby – Keith Adsley – as his sidekick. Alec has been in business since 2012 with his food truck at a variety of markets, corporate events, parties, festivals and weddings: anywhere that people want food, really!

Aside from serving delicious food, The Weeping Chef has a strong focus on sustainability so we’re looking forward to tasting their dishes at our Sustainability Market. Another first for the Market will be their premises: they cook in their recycled horsebox wagon which runs on solar power! They also use sustainably sourced charcoal and their uniforms are made using recycled materials.  Beyond our Sustainability Market, they are proud to be increasing their vegan food offering and when they do serve meat, they ensure that it is sustainably sourced and produced too.  With prices starting at £2 they are gentle on the pocket too. 

Customer service is important to the Weeping Chef team. Keith says that all of their customers are his favourites and he ‘loves to see the look on their faces when they taste our delicious food served in hearty portions’.  Although Keith is unable to share any of their recipes exactly, he did give us a good tip for making stock: ‘Use veg peelings to make a stock: once it has been decanted put the waste in the compost and it will break down quicker.’ We’re looking forward to welcoming The Weeping Chef, their vegan menu and their solar powered horsebox to our next sustainability market on 19th March on Harpenden Common.

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