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Sustainability Market – Meet the Stallholder

Introducing Tropic Skincare with Julie Williams

Julie Williams is an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare who provide an all natural, vegan and organic skincare range.  She is passionate about helping customers find the best skincare routine to ensure they have healthy and happy skin without harming the planet.

Julie began her business in January 2021 and aside from trading at local events and the Harpenden Sustainability Markets you can also keep up to date with Julie online .

The infinite purpose of Tropic Skincare is to make the world a healthier, greener and more empowered world, aiming to be a force for good beyond beauty.  Tropic uses only recyclable, refillable or reusable packaging with no virgin plastic.  All of their carbon emissions are accounted for, and double offset and they are a certified carbon neutral company.   To encourage customers to protect the planet Tropic offers a return, recycle and reward scheme where vouchers are given once packaging is returned.  Additionally, a partnership with United World Schools has opened up education to children in places where it was previously unavailable to help them become sustainable and to teach them about ways to improve and nourish our planet. 

Julie provides skincare for all skin types and a basic routine works out at about 72p a day.  She says   ‘I love working with customers who are excited about Tropic’s ethos and nourishing their skin. I’ve met wonderful people of all ages who can all benefit from the natural ingredients in our products.’  And her top eco tip?  ‘Plastics are killing our planet but by using only recycled plastics, never virgin plastic, will stop more plastic getting into the eco-system and that’s why I love the Tropic products.’

Come and see Julie in person for more skincare advice at the Harpenden Sustainability Market on Sunday 21st May.

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