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We are the Champions: Meet our Climate Champs: Martin

The Climate Champs project has been in operation since 2021, giving businesses, organisations, schools, and groups volunteer speakers to visit them, in person or online, and present on Climate change and living a more sustainable life. We call this volunteer team The Climate Champions. We’ll be sharing profiles of each of our different volunteer Champs to learn more about what makes them tick and how their time with Sustainable St Albans is helping them increase our district’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Martin Malcolm-Brown is a well known face at Sustainable St Albans events. He generously volunteers his time at the Harpenden Sustainability Markets, Our Planet Our Future talks and debates.  By day, Martin can be found working as a salesperson and retail supervisor: we caught up with him one evening to ask him a few questions about his other role as a Climate Champ.

What made you want to become a Climate Champ?

I’ve always been interested in the environment and have been concerned about the damage being done to the planet from an early age. I am passionate about delivering sustainability, transport and food security to meet the needs of future generations. The climate champ role helps me put my knowledge and skills to good use and help others with their understanding of sustainability.

What do you like most about being a climate champ?

I love interacting with people and sharing knowledge. The climate champ role is really rewarding: I get to meet and learn from others and spread positive news that the solutions to the climate crisis are already known – we just need to deploy them at a meaningful scale.

Martin chatting at a Sustainable St Albans event.
Photo credit: Arif Gardner

Are there any memorable talks in your time as a Climate Champ?

I am grateful to get the opportunity to speak to audiences of all ages, from all walks of life, including sceptics. When challenged, I reply that St Albans is a beautiful district which we have so much to be proud of, and that sustainability is about protecting and enhancing the things we love so that the future generations get to experience what the district has to offer just as we have done, while anticipating any future challenges e.g. improving surface water drainage systems to cope with more freak weather events predicted.

What is your best tip for living a more sustainable life?

Investigate the range of smart ticket options available on public transport. You’d be amazed at what you can find. Network and Explorer multi-operator bus tickets are excellent value, they give you flexibility by removing the hassle of parking and waiting for the ‘right’ bus on multi-operator routes.   Did you know you could get unlimited travel around St Albans district for 1 week on any bus company for £23 through BusNet or unlimited travel around the whole county for 1 week for £35 – Now that’s a bargain!

Climate Champions are available at no cost to speak with your organisation, group, school, business or friends. If you’d like to book a visit or find out more, please email us here.

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