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We are the Champions: Meet the Climate Champs: Judith

The Climate Champs project has been in operation since 2021, giving businesses, organisations, schools, and groups volunteer speakers to visit them, in person or online, and present on Climate change and living a more sustainable life. We call this volunteer team The Climate Champions. We’ll be sharing profiles of each of our different volunteer Champs to learn more about what makes them tick and how their time with Sustainable St Albans is helping them increase our district’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Judith has been concerned about the environment since the early 1970′ s and has always strived to do all she can to promote sustainable behavioural change, especially in cleaning up her own act. Having learned a lot along the way Judith is now a self taught eco-renovator and is committed to helping others with their journey towards low energy living.

Judith talking through the retrofit project at her home

Being a Climate Champ enables Judith to share her wisdom with new audiences where she can talk through the process of retrofitting your home to improve insulation, making it warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.  In this current cost of living crisis her tips on energy efficiency within the home not only benefits the planet but in reducing energy consumption can also lower monthly utility bills.

And Judith’s best tip for living a more sustainable life? ‘Make sure your home is well insulated and ventilated. Save cash, help the climate and live more comfortably’ Judith has created a downloadable document and published a book, Beginner’s Guide to Eco Renovation giving ideas and help on retrofitting your home, more information is available on our website, or you can book her to come and speak at your business, event or group.

Climate Champions are available at no cost to speak with your organisation, group, school, business or friends. If you’d like to book a visit or find out more, please email us here.

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