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Car Free Day Sat 22nd Sept – can you #ditchthecar?

Local environmental groups will be joining forces with district councillors from across the district to mark World Car Free Day on Saturday 22 September 2018 with a market stall in St Albans promoting walking, cycling and sustainable transport. #StAlbansCarFree

Often it’s much easier than you think to make a #smallchange for the better.

World Car Free Day is thinking about..

  • how we can open up the streets to everyone, to get people walking and cycling more
  • making our streets healthier and making ourselves happier
  • if all those trips we make by car are necessary
  • is a more sustainable, more enjoyable way of getting from A to B. 

Brampton RoadActivists from Sustainable St Albans, Friends of the Earth and the St Albans Cycling Campaign will be manning the stall alongside transport planners and councillors.  They will be looking to engage passers by in conversation about their regular journeys around the city.

carfreebannerCaroline Brooke, District Councillor for Clarence Ward said:

‘What we’re hoping to do is to start a conversation about the benefits of sustainable transport, in terms of improving public health when people have more active lifestyles; reducing the air pollution that is generated by unnecessary short car journeys; and cutting congestion for those people who need to use their cars.

“We’ll be asking people to mark their regular journeys on a big street map of the city and tell us what the main issues are that stop them from choosing to walk or cycle more.  We want to find out where the problems are (eg difficult junctions) as well as some of the more positive things that people enjoy about walking and cycling in St Albans.’

Simon Grover, District Councillor for St Peter’s Ward said: “As a representative of people who live in the centre of the city, I know people are really frustrated about the congestion and pollution in our streets. I want to hear from people about their efforts to avoid using the car, but also what they want to see coming from the Council in terms of changes that will make walking, cycling and taking the bus more attractive options.”

Healthy Streets indicatorspic


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